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Project History & Founders

The Interverse Project was started in 1999 by Matt Keith, Rob Borchers and Jon Nocjar. The three developers created the concept for the Interverse to work, and developed the architecture to support it.

Matt Keith - Lead Client Development. Project Web Site.
Developed the citizen test client software and worked on adding support for using voice in the Interverse.

Rob Borchers - Lead Networking Development. Documentation.
Developed the networking code to allow clients to login into the server and to communicate with each other.

Jon Nocjar - Lead Server Development. Open source liason.
Developed the server software and coordinated the communication of clients with the server.

Project Credits

The Interverse Project Team would like to thank the following people and companies for their support of this project.

Sourceforge has provided many project services, including cvs access, web server space, download servers, mailing lists and fourms.

If you or your company would also like to support this project with monetary donations, hardware or services, please send a note to info@interverse.org.

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