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The concept of the interverse has been around for quite a while and has been referenced in many ways. The most widely know references are from the movie The Matrix and from the book, Snow Crash. However, not until recently did the required technology, bandwidth and computing power exist to make the first primitive prototype of the interverse possible.

Using the Imagineer Group's omni software library and a standard internet connection, a user can log into an interverse server and interact with other online citizens. Omni provides the distributed bandwidth technology and the login authentication required to make the interverse possible. In an online universe, identity and security become a big concern. In order to keep the interverse safe and valid, security is required.

How can you help?


Developers can help out with the first open source client to the interverse, citizen. Citizen is based on Crystal Space, an open source 3d engine, and has a plug-in architecture to allow just about any applet to be added to the heads up display (HUD). This allows you to access all of your normal computer programs without leaving the interverse.


Designers can help by creating more interverse content. Models, skins, buildings, objects, textures, sounds, etc. are all needed to help build the interverse and make it more realistic.


People are needed to try out the software and to provide bug reports and new function suggestions. Is there a feature that you would really like to see available for the HUD? Let us know!

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